Transforming Spaces With Smart Lighting Solutions

Welcome to IILLUMX, the leading provider of smart lighting solutions in Singapore. Partnering with global technology leader, Casambi, we offer robust and future-proof smart control applications for diverse projects!

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Why use our casambi solutions?

Experience the convenience and efficiency of a smart lighting system. Control your lights wirelessly, save energy, and create the perfect ambiance for any occasion


Smart Lighting Solution


Our wireless lighting control solution is not only cost-effective but also future-proof, ensuring that your projects are equipped with the most robust and advanced technology available. With our system, you can achieve optimal energy efficiency ,cost savings, and easily adapt to any future lighting needs.

Solution Design

Solving your complex requirements with smart technologies while keeping it simple and effective

Project Distribution

Your gateway to cutting edge, quality products with first-class services every step of the way

System Integration

We deliver smart lighting control integration with building management systems


Last mile project fulfilment from product installations to testing and commissioning


With this system, you can achieve optimal energy efficiency and various moods for events, meetings and more at the tip of your fingers

Adjust, brightness, color temperature, saturation and more

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Our Show Case


Offering a smart and intuitive way to manage and control a wide range of appliances and equipment wirelessly.

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